Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quality Time

Due to busy schedules, running here and running there, I've noticed my children are growing up before my very eyes. It is just so true when people tell you "they grow up so fast" I tried to come up with something special to do with each individual child on a weekly basis, just to reconnect. So, we came up with M & M Nights (Mom & Me). Wednesday nights are with Chloe and Thursday nights are with Ethan. (Bay gets me all day so we haven't added her into the schedule yet) All we do is head to their room 1/2 hour before bedtime and we read, have devotions, pray or just talk. Just the two of us. It has been great! I think they really look forward to it and I do too!

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1 comment:

Stephanie said...

It is awesome that you are doing this while they are still young. Some days I feel as though my girls have grown up way to fast and that I don't really know them at all. Kudos to you Beth you are a great Mom...