Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Typical Day

So, today was pretty calm.....not too much going on......The kids and I went through the toy room and picked things that they can sell in our upcoming garage sale. Chloe is very excited about this and wants to make money, she's planning a lemonade stand and selling some of her art work. Ethan also thought that was a good idea and is planning to sell his artwork as well for $5 a page....I told him we may have to rethink that price......Ethan didn't do too well in the toy department, he has a hard time parting with his superheroes and Star Wars figures.....It's quite a relief to get that toy room organized......I even got the floors done......Luke is on vacation this week and volunteered to take Chloe and Ethan to see the movie, Wall-E this afternoon. That left Bailey and I alone to have fun together.......I told her we could do whatever she wanted and she said PUZZLES, so we did puzzles for awhile and then took off to Target to get a few items.....when we returned, brother and sister were back. They weren't too wild about the movie, Luke said it was more for adults......not much else to report......

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