Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh my I was so grouchy......I was out until 1:00am with my friends Monday night and it has really hit me hard today. My friends Juli and Kim are night owls, which I thought I was too until I met them. We started out at the bookstore to find a new bible study to do together, then headed off to Kona Grill where we were kicked out because Kim had her 4 mo old baby and the kitchen was soon to close, so then they consider it a bar, so we then proceeded to Kim's parents house (because it was the closest) and sat on their deck just laughing and talking and was a good time, but it has hit me hard today!

As I had mentioned we had Grace with us for a couple days.....she is very quiet so it was quite different from having Chloe home. I missed her very much. Ethan and Grace had a good time.....We also had Ryan over, we couldn't leave him the three 5-year olds had a grand time! Monday morning we also had Kim's boys for a little bit.....Hudson who is 2 and Gannon who is another 5 year old! Ethan was in hog heaven with his buddies there!! They actually kept each other busy and I got a lot accomplished......

So, now Chloe's home and we're back to normal. Today I bought some Twizzlers to give to Bailey for when she goes potty on the toilet.....well, all day Ethan and Chloe were bugging me for Twizzlers. So, here is my brilliant plan......Ethan has relapsed in the wiping department. For some reason, he will not wipe his own bottom anymore (I know, Too Much Information) I keep reminding him that I will not be at Kindergarten to do that for him.......and Chloe will not put on her own shoes and tie them.....(my fault....I always just do it for's much faster) so I told them every time they did those certain things, they would get a twizzler. Well, Chloe ran up to her room, grabbed her tennis shoes and was pulling them on and tying them all by herself, so she got a Twizzler.....then I happened to walk by the bathroom and heard some serious grunting.......Ethan was in there literally trying to poop so he could wipe his own bottom and have a Twizzler! His plan worked! So they were both happy........about an hour later, Bailey peed all over the floor and didn't get a Twizzler, so we'll see if she gets as serious as her siblings did! So funny......I can't stop laughing about that one!

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Eliza said...

Its hilarous that Ethan was trying to poop!