Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok, I've gotten behind on the blogging.....let me fill you in on the last week or so......nothing too exciting......

Friday: worked on garage sale items, Nephew Ryan came over and the kids painted on their easels, Nick and I had an actual date night with friends. We met Juli and Ryan and Kim and Kyle at El Basha, it's a little greek restaurant.....Delicious! At the end of our meal, they bring you a hookah with flavored tabacco......we had was quite an experience and we had a really good time......(pictures to come)

Saturday: Our niece Addie came over to spend the night.....all the kids played all day while I did housework.....blah blah blah, we ended up at Barb and Pats to bbq because Tom and Julie were in town dropping off Brandon before their trip to Las Vegas.

Sunday: We served in the toddler room at church, Addie helped us and Bailey ended up in our room because she wouldn't stop crying in her room.......her teacher brought her over, telling us she couldn't believe Bailey was sad, she's always the happy one! I still don't know what was wrong with her. After church, we went school shopping, we've been very excited for this.......we found lots and lots of good deals and pretty much got everything needed.....the kids should be all set for school! By the end of our outting, Ethan was complaining that he was freezing (it was like 95 degrees outside), HE HAD A FEVER....we were dragging him all over town while he wasn't feeling well........

Monday: Ethan still had a fever and pretty much did all day off and on.........

Tuesday: Ethan woke up even sicker, throwing up and crying that his tummy hurt......oh no.....Luke gave us tickets to the Dave Matthews concert tonight!!! So, Nick and I went back and forth on who should go and who should stay with Ethan......well, My Sweet, Gracious husband told me to go and have a good time......I finally agreed and called Kim to go with me. It was a great concert, lots of fun and lots of different people around. You'll have to ask Luke about his run in with the one and only Dave Matthews!!!

Today: Ethan is back to his normal self.......hopefully no one else gets whatever he had....When we woke up, the weatherman said it was a beautiful day today, so the kids and I packed up and took their bikes to the park. There is a park by our house with this little track....Chloe and Ethan both have almost brand new bikes.....Ethan's even still had the tags on it.....there isn't anywhere at our house to really to practice with a steep hill driveway and no sidewalks......anyway, it wasn't that beautiful was very muggy......the kids got off to a slow start, but eventually got into it......both kids were riding like pros by the time we left.....Ethan just kept saying "one more time" and kept going around.....Bailey had her little four wheeler and when she did ride it, she sat on the handle bars and rode it backwards.....whatever works! We went back and worked on garage sale stuff.....the kids made their Lemonade signs and it was a pretty quiet day.

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