Thursday, December 4, 2008

End Times

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I have been involved in several Women's Bible Studies and in almost every one, they suggest starting a journal. That way as you progress in your faith, you can look back and see how far you have come in your relationship with God and have changed for the better. I have not ever tried it, but I think it sounds really good. Here goes nothing......
So, today at work I was suckered into taking minutes at a Automotive meeting which entailed a group of men from dealerships finding ways to find good help. Anyway, one of the speakers was an instructor who will be teaching a Radio Frequency Indicatiors Device Class, sounds very technical, well it is! This is the way I understood this is a tag placed on items to be purchased to track each item. It tracks the item from the time of manufacturing all the way until someone purchases the product and leaves the store. It can even track the temperature of a product in a semi during travel......these tags are already being used in Walmart, pets, cows, passports and many other will definitely save companies billions of dollars because it will be tracked if stolen from the loading dock or the front door........well, it sounds pretty cool, but it FREAKED me out.....All I could think about was 666! Is anyone else thinking that? Actually yes, the speaker even said so.....he said these exact words, "the devil is watching, that very well could be" YIKES! He also mentioned that humans have already implanted the bar codes into their skin! So, that leads me to ask, why don't any churches seriously preach about end times? I have never been to a church that did. There is some serious information that needs to be discussed. I have read the book of Revelation a few times, but have to admit it is a hard book to comprehend. So, why don't Christian pastors preach about it and let us know what is about to go down.....The way I have been taught by my parents is that the anti-christ will demand that everyone is implanted with chips, this will be his way of tracking everyone, everything that we eat, drink and sleep. There will be no more freedom and no more choices. If you don't deny GOD, you are going against the devil and you will be punished beyond belief! It's scary stuff and I hope that people (including myself) will stop and think about why they are on this earth and that is to worship and glorify God! Ok, I'll stop preaching......Another thing (oh not another rant) why don't you ever hear about Heaven and how good it is.....I have never been to a church service (and I've been to alot of BORING ones)where they talked about Heaven. Shouldn't people talk about it? My mom just gave me a book tonight entitled "Heaven" (go figure) because I was asking her all kinds of questions. So, maybe I can learn a thing or two about what God has in store for us who BELIEVE! I normally don't share my feelings on my relationship with God, but I have been feeling a little daring today and a little convicted.....this whole RFID thing got me all riled up! Why shouldn't I share what should be the most important thing in my life?!

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